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Received an email from Ron Wells in regards to a website with essays by Harrison H. Schmitt who was an Apollo 17 Astronaut and former Senator (R-New Mexico).  It is a work in progress that already has a lot of material with an interesting video about Jack's career.

There will be more about the Apollo 17 later as well as Ron adds what he has.

Here is what Ron had to say.  Will pass for your consideration.
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Hi Larry:

You might be interested in posting this on your blog, although it is political in nature. We have finally gotten Jack's website up & running with all his essays on it. Later we will be adding material more relevant to the Apollo 17 mission and other space material, e.g., I have several hundred Apollo 17 3D analglyphs of the surface from their mission to put there:

As a few of you already know, my colleague Harrison H. Schmitt, former Senator (R-New Mexico) and Apollo 17 lunar astronaut, has been writing a series of essays during the past year about current affairs as they relate to the Constitution and America's future.  His background as a geologist, lunar astronaut, statesman, businessman and educator gives him a unique perspective on a wide range of topics and issues, as his essays clearly demonstrate, ranging from Climate Change to Health Care.  With the elections less than a week away, Dr. Schmitt's words are more relevant than ever.  I would encourage you to read them, and to forward his URL to others.  As Dr. Schmitt points out, the solutions to America's problems can be found in this Great Nation's past through the "uncommon" common sense of our Founders.  Which is why his website is called "America's Uncommon Sense" (AUS)  I might add that I've been pleased and honored to play a role in the creation of the website -- striking my own blow for Liberty and Freedom.  Go to:

The essays will, of course, be pertinent after the election and will be added to in the months to come. They can either be read online, or downloaded as individual PDF files or *prc files for the Amazon Kindle reader. In addition, they are also available in those formats as combined book-length versions.


Ron Wells

Ronald A. Wells, PI, POC
Tranquillity Enterprises, s.p.
Abingdon, VA


Here is what Harrison H. Schmitt had to say at the beginning of the About page.
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America's Uncommon Sense

The Founders View Today

About A.U.S. considers current national issues from the viewpoint of the Founders of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers, and related correspondence of their times clearly enshrine the intent of these remarkable, knowledgeable, and courageous Americans. Through these interdependent statements, the Founders created the greatest form of republican government yet devised and provided straightforward guidance on how to preserve for our progeny their “unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”– Harrison H. Schmitt


Since Ron mentioned this was of a political nature, let me add for you in the USA, please go and vote if you have not already.
For the rest of you out there, I hope you have the opportunity to vote and make your voice heard.
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Thanks for looking up with me.
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