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Paleo-Future --- A Look Into The Future That Never Was

Larry Klaes posted to the FPSPACE group ( this bit about the blog from Paleo-Future. I thought it worth sharing as well.  It was a time of dreams of living in space.  A time of for artists to paint a picture of what might be.
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First Men to the Moon (1960)

Friday, December 3, 2010 at 1:14AM
By Matt Novak

The 1960 book First Men to the Moon by Wernher von Braun tells the story of John Mason, a fictional astronaut of the future bound for the moon. The dedication page reads, "To Iris and Margrit [von Braun's daughters] who will live in a world in which flights to the moon will be commonplace."

In the book we read of the training and technical expertise necessary for a journey into space, accompanied by amazing illustrations and diagrams by Fred Freeman. As one of my favorite pre-Apollo books of space retro-futurism I can't recommend this book highly enough. With hard to find retrofuture books like these I sometimes wonder if there might be a market for them if a publisher were to reissue them.

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About the Paleo-Future blog.
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The Paleo-Future blog was started by Matt Novak in January of 2007. Matt has since become an accidental expert on past visions of the future, and has amassed an enormous library of media related to the study of retro-futurism

Matt is available for interviews and speaking engagements, but if you'd like him to use his "inside voice" we recommend not providing Mr. Novak with alcoholic beverages of any kind. If temperance is not crucial, he sure does enjoy his bourbon.

Matt can be reached at or followed on Twitter. He lives in Full Bladerunner, CA.


I wonder who now will dare dream the Dream?
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Challenge of Outer Space (circa 1950s)

DateTuesday, April 3, 2007 at 1:22PM

Wernher von Braun begins the film Challenge of Outer Space by saying, "The conquest of outer space is the greatest technological challenge of the age in which we live."

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Even before a manned mission to the moon the nation's top space scientists were speculating about what space stations would look like. I find it difficult to mentally put myself in an era when space exploration had not yet occurred, but films like this help a great deal.
The torodial space colony is featured heavily in the film and is a favorite among those depicting space stations of the future.

Above is a short clip of the 30 minute film and I hope to explore Challenges of Outer Space in depth as more information about this paleo-futuristic wonder becomes available.

Do you have a young artist that needs some inspiration?
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Space Art - Seeing above & beyond

Space art ranges from hard-edged graphic arts realism to fine art abstractionism. Regardless of the style, good space art illuminates the special excitement, mystery and attraction of the cosmos.
Space art comes second only to science fiction in the power to inspire the public's interest and support for space exploration.

The history of space art goes back to at least the late 1800's with the illustrations for the books of Jules Verne and for the first popular books about astronomy.

From science fiction book covers to the illustrations in non-fiction space books, artists took us into space with their visual imaginations long before our spacecraft arrived there.
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2011 - A time to remember the past and to create the future.
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