Thursday, December 15, 2011

[history] Passing of Boris Chertok
Russian rocket designer Boris Yevseyevich Chertok,
one of the founding fathers of the Russian space program,
passed away on Dec.14 at the age of 99.
Russian rocket designer Boris Yevseyevich Chertok
Image Credit: NASA


I received an e-mail from Steve Garber for the NASA History Program Office about the death of Boris Chertok.
He provided some information about his four volume memoir, "Rockets and People" and its availability on-line.
A check of Amazon . com showed that even used books are quite pricy so maybe you won't mind reading a PDF version before buying.

On NASA Technical Reports Server the whole volume 1 can be down loaded but you might want it in three parts as listed by Steve Garber. (3.4 MB PDF)
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        With great sadness, our office announces the recent death of Boris Chertok, a towering figure in Soviet and Russian space history.  Chertok’s four-volume memoir, Rockets and People, has received wide acclaim.  The first three volumes of this series, edited by Dr. Asif Siddiqi, are available electronically from the links below and hard copies may be obtained through online.  The fourth and final volume, subtitled The Moon Race, will be published early next year.  For more information on Chertok’s tremendous life story, see online. In sympathy,
        Steve Garber
Stephen Garber
NASA History Program Office
Mail Suite CO72, Room 5N11
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC 20546
202-358-2866 fax
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There are a lot of books available on line or that can be ordered from NASA.
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Management Histories, (SP-4100 Series):


Much to learn from those that have gone on before.
We stand on their shoulders as we reach for the stars.
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