Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Geoff in New Zealand sent me several links which I will pass for your consideration.
As you will note, our astronauts are getting better at communicating with the general population and hopefully they will generate an interest in not only looking up, but in looking back down at us on mother Earth.

Maybe today's social media will spread the word and generate an interest in space, as a new frontier.
I know I enjoyed my small part in letting us see what Lunar Prospector was doing as it went around the Moon.

Today we have even more robotic craft at the Moon, Mars, and Beyond, and it sounds like real time tweets from the ISS are generating a following as well.
Hope we have the money to add more to what has already been done.
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Subject: 'Forget Mars, we should live on the MOON': Chris Hadfield says the red planet is too big a leap for Nasa at the moment | Daily Mail Online
Canadian Chris Hadfield tells MailOnline we should go back to the moon
The former astronaut says current plans to go to Mars are too ambitious
Instead we should be looking to live on the moon for 'generations'
He also responds to comments from Nasa chief Charles Bolden last week who said he had 'raised the bar for astronaut'
Hadfield does not think he put pressure on astronauts to engage more
And he wants to see more cooperation in space in the future
Hadfield was speaking after the launch of his new book 'You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes'
I tend to agree that at least at first we should learn how to live is on the Moon.
Either place will be extremely hard to accomplish and expensive so we will need to find some way to make the risk worthwhile. 

Cost - Benefit 

Probably a lot easier to send Tweets from the Moon with only a one and a half second OWLT to the Moon vs 4 to 24 minutes to Mars. :-)
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Subject: The real space oddity, Chris Hadfield, is down-to-Earth | Ars Technica 
by  - Oct 19 2014, 11:00am PDT
The real space oddity, Chris Hadfield, is down-to-Earth

Ex-NASA man wants to give everyone the chance to know what it’s like in space.
NEW YORK—What do you do after you’ve achieved the ultimate goal of your avocation—not once, butthree times? That’s the question facing Chris Hadfield, who capped 25 years of NASA service by commanding both the International Space Station and an audience of millions on YouTube and Twitter. Hadfield gave a partial answer recently during a public talk at the American Museum of Natural History: get as many people as possible to understand the experience and try to use that to keep the public supporting a program of space exploration.

Hope he continues to excite people with his tweets and books. Sounds like he took a LOT of pictures. 
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Subject: The View From The Best Office In The Solar System
The View From The Best Office In The Solar System - http://huff.to/1rWM0kK
Incredible Photos Taken From ISS By Alex Gerst Are Quite Simply, Breathtaking
The Huffington Post UK
Posted: 20/10/2014 12:00 BST 
Updated: 20/10/2014 12:59 BST

I guess if we can't look back at the Earth from the Moon, we will have to settle for pictures like these from closer up on the ISS..