Sunday, February 22, 2015

Signs Ahead For A Change Of Direction In Space

I am in Thailand visiting wife's sons and relatives and have not posted to the lunar-update since January.
Angie asked to join the list so I should attempt to fat finger something on my tablet to let her know there still is a list.

You will appreciate it is easier to read loaded material from the tablet than trying to type on one.
The Examiner article gives us something to consider and possibly hope for if you are one that would like to see humans going further than LEO.

I just finished reading on my tablet Issac Asimov's book "Foundation". 

I have the trilogy at home but that will have to wait our return to state side. 
Sitting in my air conditioned room is more pleasant than sitting outside in 30 C, 56% humidity. :-)

Presently reading "Robot Dreams" a book of short stories by Asimov.. 
- LRK -
Signs Ahead For A Change Of Direction In Space
February 22, 2015

To say that the course of America’s space program has an uncertain future is to put the matter mildly Ever since President Obama officially announced the end of his predecessor’s Constellation space exploration program and doubled down on commercializing space travel to low Earth orbit, NASA has been the focus of controversy and acrimony.
The NASA budget that the president proposed is more or less status quo, though it does dole out a little money to start planning a mission to Europa. The White House does not seem willing to address the problems besetting America’s space program, which more than one observer has called “adrift.”
However, four recent developments related to space may point the way to a change in direction for America’s space efforts.

It will be interesting to see just how the Moon develops in the years to come.
It will develop,  yes?