Friday, September 25, 2015

Kipp Teague's Uploaded Raw Apollo Scans

Ron Wells asked that I let you know about Kipp Teague's recent postings of the Apollo Scans and I am most happy to do so.
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Subject: Fwd: Re: Kipp Teague's Uploaded Raw Apollo Scans

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Many (most, all?) of you are familiar with Eric Jones's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal ( and the Apollo lunar surface images for each of the missions. Those high quality images have served us well since 2004. They were provided to Eric by Kipp Teague who obtained them from JSC on DVD-R discs. He also maintains them on his Apollo Image Gallery ( These images were processed by contrast enhancement, and trimming of the side stripes before uploading to the ALSJ. They had a resolution of 7.8" x 7.88" @ 300 dpi.

Kipp has created a new website on FLICKR which contains all of these images in raw, unprocessed form at the full resolution of 54 mm x 54 mm @ 1800 dpi (4175 x 4174 pixels). These dimensions will probably show up as the equivalent 13.91667" x 13.91667" @ 300 dpi in Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint. They are in high quality JPG format, each being 8-9 MB depending on scene. The URL is given in Kipp's note below.

These will be the highest resolution Apollo images of the prime film until projected scans from ASU have been initiated at JSC sometime in the future (and those according to the table on "About the Scans" on the ASU website ( will be 6400 x 6400 pixels), not quite twice the resolution.

One caveat: you have to have a YAHOO account in order to be able to download the images from FLICKR. But just click on the magazine you want, select the image, then click on the download arrow at the right and select which resolution you want, including the original (4175 x 4175 px).


Subject: Re: Kipp Teague's Uploaded Raw Scans
From: Kipp Teague
To:   Ronald Wells

I have completed uploads of all available full magazine scans...over 8,400 images. All of the surface imagery is included, but note that AS15-85 contains a small percentage of lower (1000 dpi) resolution, pre-2004 scans by JSC.   Even those scans are still quite good, however, and they are still presented in uncropped, unprocessed versions in the new gallery.


Thanks for looking up with me.
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