Saturday, November 14, 2015

To the Moon in 2013, no not yet and 2015 is fast closing

Well back in December of 2012 had some posts about expectations for 2013.
Always the questions of What, When, Where, Why, and how.

I think a bit of repetition may be okay so let me list the links to the two I copied to the blog.
To The Moon in 2013

To The Moon in 2013 - stopping off at Mare Crisium

Folks have been looking at the Moon and taking notes and enjoying the looking up,
Much more will need to be done if we actually decide to do this again with humans.

The answers to the questions above will set much activity in motion and success will change our view of humanity.
Earth bound or something more that will inspire our imagination.
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A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings
Harold Hill: A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings (1991)
(glossary entry)


A collection of meticulous drawings and notes of selected small regions of the Moon, by British amateur Harold Hill.
Mare Crisium
Crisium Basin

(unofficial name; IAU feature name for central 418 km of mare: Mare Crisium )

Welcome to the Kokh Lunar Library of information on the economic development and human settlement of the Moon. Peter Kokh, recipient of the NSS Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Award for Space Settlement Advocacy, has been publisher and editor of the Moon Miner’s Manifesto for 26+ years and a former President of the Moon Society.

When sending humans back to the Moon becomes politically correct and something that catches the attention of the general public, the locations on the Moon need to be looked at for a continued occupation. Both polar regions have been suggested as well as places nearer to the equator.

Polar regions show promise for continued light and communication with Earth.  
Equatorial regions will need to be able to survive two weeks of darkness.
Then their is the question of what kinds of lunar resources will be desirable.

If a long range to continuous use of the Moon is expected will there be a plan that has guaranteed funding until occupation becomes self sufficient?

Starts and stops may provide jobs for some.  
They don't always move us forward to something that will be a continuing benefit to those others that remain Earthbound.

Thanks for looking up with me, 
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