Monday, May 19, 2014

Life in space is impossible.

The space review blog has an interesting piece about living in space or really, living in space, really?
Follow your imagination,  but what do you need to stimulate that imagination?  As a kid I had the Saturday matinee and Buck Rogers.  Boxes made my flight simulator. 
Today our 7 year old granddaughter just tells me to ask my smartphone when I don't know the answer to her questions.   She isn't interested in going to space when she can build a cave with blankets and chairs right here on Earth. She doesn't need to wear a spacesuit that wears her fingertips raw.
Will we fix a dying planet or just abandon it?  What do I do with the book case of science fiction? How about my books on artificial life or robots that talk and smile?  Do I need them to live in space or do I just have fun here on Earth.  Well not to worry, at 76 years I think any fun I have will probably be done from my couch.:-)
What about the 7 year old granddaughter?
Does she have to go to the Moon, Mars, or Beyond to flex her imagination?
Or does she just continue to paint her pictures of SpongeBob?
- LRK -
Life in space is impossible
The tag line for the new Christopher Nolan movie Interstellar premiering in November could have been written by a space settlement enthusiast: “Mankind was born on Earth, it was never meant to die here.” Based upon the newly released trailer, however, it appears as if humanity’s salvation is not asteroid mining or Mars settlement, but sending a spaceship to another solar system (because “nothing in our solar system can save us”). Quite possibly the answer is “aliens.”
Interstellar -- Trailer -- Official Warner Bros.:

When you look at the space review article be thinking about where you would like to see the future develope.  Your ideas appreciated.
Thanks for looking up with me.
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