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The Vision for Space Exploration February 2004

Going to the Moon, Mars, or even the stars, may well be just something for those that dream while looking up at the heavens above on a story night, but dream we do.  This is not a new idea, just one that is a lot closer to being possible.

While working at NASA Ames Research Center for 20 years, I saw support for such ideas come and go.  Even so, you could find groups interested in  going to the Moon or Mars even if there were no posters on the walls.
Now and then it would be politically correct to dream out loud.  In 2004 the posters went up, all hands meetings were held, and plush publications were handed out.
I am still sorting through stacks of papers from my time at Ames, and trying to prove I am not a horder. Tomorrow is paper, plastic recycle day and sat down to shred old emails.   Picked up a folder with the following NASA publication. NP- 2004-01-334
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The Vision for Space Exploration - NASA
by E Cernan
Space Administration. The Vision for Space. Exploration. February 2004 ... new approach to space exploration using a “building block” strategy to
Nice pictures, charts, time lines, the whole big picture,  and look we are planning to go back to the Moon with humans. Many smiling faces at Ames because the underground lunatics could now speak openly. Of course there were those that feared their program.would have cutbacks in funding.
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President Bush Announces New Vision for Space Exploration Program
Jan 14, 2004 - January 2004 · December 2003 ... February 2003 ... President Bush Announces New Vision for Space Exploration Program Remarks by the .
Do read the above speech and dream for a moment because we woke up to the reality that funding another Apollo type mission wasn't that easy to support.  A different political wind was blowing.
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Made the front page of the Ames Astrogram.
During an historic announcement delivered Jan.14, 2004 from NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., President George W. Bush unveiled a sweeping new vision for the nation’s space exploration program and outlined the key roles NASA
Bush, whose remarks were broadcast live on NASA television, was joined by NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe as he committed the nation to a longterm human and robotic program to explore space, starting with the moon and later Mars and other destinations in the solar system.
Well the words sounded good.  Is it true?
"This cause of exploration and discovery is not an option we choose;  It is a desire written in the human heart." - President Bush
Okay I guess I will put these back in the expandable folder.  Maybe find some other papers to stuff in it as I dream on.  Still trying to fill up the recycle bin with shreded paper.
Thanks for looking up with me.
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